Mattea Roach’s Jeopardy win streak has come to an end, bringing her to fifth place in the game show’s all-time earnings and winning streaks. 

Roach, a 23-year-old tutor from Toronto, tapped out at 23 wins when she fell a dollar short to Georgia’s Danielle Maurer on Friday night, after coming in second place at $15,559, behind Maurer’s $15,600.

The final Jeopardy question was “These two mayors gave their names to a facility built on the site of an old racetrack owned by Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler,” with answers “William Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson.” Roach, sadly, fell short. 

“It feels still kind of like a dream,” Roach shared in a statement. “I really came down here hoping to maybe win one game, and so I still can’t believe it. You know, it’s strange, obviously I didn’t come through in the last one, but I still feel so happy and so lucky to have had this experience.”

The winner has now earned an impressive $560,983 off the show, falling only behind  Ken Jennings, James Holzhauzer, Matt Amodio, and Amy Schneider in all-time earnings. Jennings clocked in 73 game wins in a row and took in $2,520,700 in total during his time as a regular-season player. As for Roach, she’ll soon go up against Schneider and Amodio in the Tournament of Champions this fall. 

“When I think of the caliber of those four players, I really don’t feel like I deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as them to be honest,” Roach said. “And there’s a noticeable financial gap between my money and theirs, but it’s an amazing accomplishment. Like, I can’t believe it. It’s such a huge honor that I am being spoken of in relation to people like Ken, James, Matt, and Amy. It’s, wow. There’s no words.”