As Discovery’s Shark Week kicks off, the daredevil crew at Jackass decided to join in the fish festivities, and one member got attacked while doing a stunt.

One of Jackass’ newest members, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, was attempting to jump over a school of sharks with a ramp and a paddle board being pulled across the ocean. The board didn’t completely make the jump, resulting in Poopies falling right into the middle of the sharks. One of the sharks bit the daredevil on the hand, and he was incapacitated until someone on the safety team pulled him out.

The New Zealand Herald pointed out that Poopies suffered artery and tendon damage in his hand from the singular shark bite, and he was just happy to be alive. Poopies posted the ordeal to his YouTube channel, as seen above, and gets emotional when describing how he could have lost his life from the stunt.