Grimes defended Elon Musk, a.k.a. her boyfriend and the father of her child, after some TikTok users took it upon themselves to question why she was in a relationship with him

As reported by Us Magazine, the completely normal questions for strangers to ask came Sunday after the 33-year-old singer put up a video of herself learning “sword dancing” to “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd.

At that point one person went all caps to ask the following in the comment section: “GRIMESSS. HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS AND ACTIVELY SLEEPING WITH THE MAN WHO [IS LITERALLY DESTROYING] THE PLANET AND HUMANITY[?]”

Paired with a white heart emoji, she responded with: “How is he doing these things? His whole career is about making travel/house power etc. sustainable and green. It’s worth a deep dive.”

After that another person asked from Grimes to confirm that the SpaceX founder isn’t a “men’s rights activist,” specifically writing: “Bestie can you confirm he’s not a men’s rights activist? Some people online have been saying that & I’m concerned.” She replied by saying that she gets that her boyfriend has been controversial, but that he backs women.

“He’s not [a men’s rights activist],” she said. “Def he’s been very immature at points on Twitter but for [example] the president of spaceX is a woman, as is his right hand [person] at Neuralink, etc.”

E! reports that she continued responding to fan comments, including one where someone asked her to tell Elon to stop world hunger. She actually did follow-up on that monumental request, writing: “Ppl keep asking this but just throwing $ doesn’t solve it. He’s trying to focus on the issues he knows he can solve and they r real essential issues.” 

Another user asked her “who r u trying to convince,” to which she said, “I don’t need to convince anyone haha. I accept this discourse. I’m just rly close to it so sum times [sic] I try to correct the misconceptions haha.”

Overall well handled. 

The two have been in relationship since at least 2018, the same year they debuted on the Met Gala red carpet (above). They had their first child together in May 2020, naming him (hold on, always have to look this up) X Æ A-Xii.