After canvassing the streets of Los Angeles, devouring taco after taco in Watts and Compton, our host Miss Info now turns her attention back to a familiar food icon in her own hometown of NYC: the Jamaican beef patty. 

For all the rah-rah about pizza and bagels broadcasted to the world, out-of-towners may not realize that the flaky, yellow-tinged meat turnover has infiltrated every facet of NYC life. Found in school cafeterias, street vendors, pizza shops, bodegas and, of course, Caribbean mom-and-pop bakeries in strongholds like Flatbush, the patty has inspired fierce debate. Because if you think a patty is a patty is a patty...well, you're dead wrong. 

To truly understand their place in NYC culture, it's time to talk to natives who love (and argue about them) best. From heated conversations with DJ Clark Kent, to philosophical musings in the back of a Rolls Royce with Upscale Vandal, watch the video above to find out how the patty became a NYC icon.