Though Druski’s mom still wants him to go back to school (“I still feel like Dru needs to finish college,” she says), in the past year, the comedian has begun to see his work pay off. He’s gone from watching Diddy for inspiration during some of his darkest times to hosting Sneakin’ in With Druski for the mogul’s Revolt network in partnership with Adidas. “There were definitely some surreal moments,” Druski says of the past year. “I think I still haven’t sat back and thought about [anything]. I don’t want to do that for a while because I know I’m still trying to achieve so many things.” 

As confident as the comedian is in his talent, he’s still apt to take advice from others at this stage in his career, too. When we first meet up in Atlanta, Druski knocks on the door of the Loews Hotel suite that Jack Harlow and I are seated in, conducting Harlow’s interview for this joint cover. Druski’s being fitted for the photoshoot and came by to ask his friend’s advice on the look. “Be honest, man,” Druski says, wearing a long suede jacket, white T-shirt, and tan shorts. “What the fuck?” Jack responds. “Don’t do it, man.” 

“What’s my Yeezy moment? What’s my Fenty Beauty? What’s my business that I do that blows up for billions of dollars outside of comedy?” – Druski

Druski’s manager, Jonny Shipes, has been a consistent sounding board, too. Shipes first connected with the comedian when he had between 10,000 and 20,000 followers on Instagram, but he didn’t officially begin managing him until Druski was approaching 1 million. For all the help he’s provided in the past year and a half (with the goal of carrying him from social media notoriety to bona fide screen star), Shipes is quick to credit Druski for having the ambition and the talent that made much of his recent success possible. “He, as do I, really believes he is going to be and can be one of the greats.”