Daniel Dae Kim announced Friday that he and Daniel Wu would offer $25,000 to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of a suspect who attacked an elderly Asian man in Oakland late last month, Yahoo! Entertainment reports.

Kim posted the disturbing video of someone violently pushing a 91-year-old Asian man to the ground before walking away. This is latest in a string of incidents where Asian seniors are being targeted in California’s Chinatown district.

“The number of hate crimes against Asian Americans continues to skyrocket, despite our repeated pleas for help,” Kim wrote. “The crimes are too often ignored and even excused. Remember #VincentChin. Remember #VichaRatanapakdee”

On Monday, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong announced that Yahya Muslim had been arrested and charged with three counts of assault, inflicting great bodily injury, and committing a crime against an elderly person for allegedly attacking the aforementioned 91-year-old man, as well as a 60-year-old man, and a 55-year-old woman that same day.

Armstrong used this moment to also acknowledge that these attacks haven’t been isolated incidents. “We recognize some in our community come to Chinatown to target people. We know they target our elderly. They come because they believe our community won’t report it to police,” he said. “We are excited we have already transitioned into new strategies to make Chinatown a safer community.”

As encouraging as those words may sound, it’s clear that the hard work is far from over. On Sunday, Wu posted the below video of another person being attacked in Chinatown. 

NBC Bay Area reports more than 20 attacks have occurred in Chinatown over the last few weeks.