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With Spiral: From the Book of Saw currently the No. 1 movie in America, Chris Rock hit up the Tonight Show on Tuesday to discuss working with Samuel L. Jackson and to link up with recent soundtrack collaborator 21 Savage for a round of “True Confessions.”

After briefly walking Jimmy Fallon through how the latest Saw came together, Rock and the host turned the talk to Jackson, who plays Rock’s character’s father in the movie.

“People always go, ‘How did you get Sam? He did you a favor!’” Rock, who will next be seen in David O. Russell’s Canterbury Glass, said. “No! We got Sam a check, okay? You pay Sam Jackson, he will show up, okay? But if Sam’s your neighbor and you try to borrow a rake, it’ll cost you a thousand dollars. You can get the rake but it’s gonna cost you.”

Joking about Jackson playing his father in the film, Rock continued:

“It was great,” he said. “He’s kinda method so he insisted on sleeping with my mother. It was a little uncomfortable but she didn’t mind.”

Elsewhere, Rock talked about recently seeing John Mulaney and advising him to hire his ex-wife divorce attorney, as well as reflected on getting one of his first big breaks thanks to Eddie Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop 2:

Later, Rock and 21 joined Fallon for a round of “True Confessions,” a “game of deception” during which two envelopes are placed in front of each participant. One envelope, of course, contains a truth about that person. The other contains a fabrication. As one contestant reads one of these envelopes, it’s up to the other two participants to interrogate their way to the truth.

Notably, the showdown ended with 21 reading a card that said he was “only a few hours away’ from getting his pilot’s license. While both Rock and Fallon decided to challenge 21 on this, arguing that it was false, 21 surprised them both by confirming that it was indeed true.

“But not, like, to fly big planes,” 21 explained. “It’s, like, single-engine planes [and] propeller planes.”

Spiral and 21 Savage's accompanying EP are both out now.