Former Saturday Night Live cast member and A Night at the Roxbury star Chris Kattan was ordered to get off an American Airlines flight Monday for refusing to properly wear his mask, TMZ reports

Kattan was aboard a flight headed back to Los Angeles out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when he allegedly exhibited behavior that alarmed his fellow passengers. Witnesses claim Kattan was stumbling around, and appeared to be sick with mucus hanging from his nose. Flight attendants brought him paper towels after being alerted by passengers of his appearance, but also asked that he put on a mask since he wasn’t wearing one at the time. 

American Airlines abides by U.S. federal law which requires that all passengers wear a face covering while on board their planes. Refusal to do so could result in either being denied boarding or future travel with the airline. 

Kattan allegedly put on the mask, but kept it below his nose. After failing to comply with multiple requests from flight attendants to wear his face covering properly, he was asked to get off the flight. Kattan pleaded that he not be removed, but attendants threatened to call the cops if didn’t deplane, so he got up and left.  

Kattan’s lawyer, Samuel Joshua Smith, told TMZ that his client’s bizarre conduct was the result of a “severe allergic reaction to supplements he has been taking to treat lingering neck pain.” 

“We strongly deny that Mr. Kattan would ever refuse to wear a mask. Mr. Kattan is fully vaccinated and unequivocally supports CDC guidelines,” Smith said. “This past Monday Mr. Kattan was returning to Los Angeles from a successful tour of comedy shows. Unfortunately, Mr. Kattan suffered a strong allergic reaction to supplements he has been taking to treat lingering neck pain from his injury on SNL. This reaction affected his balance and psychological state. The effects also caused him to have trouble breathing.”

According to Smith, Kattan was able to take the next flight back to L.A.