Family Feud may soon become the number one game show in America, according to recent Nielsen figures that report the show's household rating has been climbing, and giving longtime favorites Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy a run for their money. 

But what do those stuffy old game shows have against host Steve Harvey's charisma and his contestants' unique ability to make fools of themselves? Survey says: nothing! And so, according to a tweet from culture critic Joe Adalian, Family Feud is returning to primetime on ABC this June with a special celebrity edition. 

According to Adalian, ABC has signed up for six episodes so far. He's also said that the new show won't feature TV show casts competing against each other, so just forget about an Empire vs. Game of Thrones episode — it's not going to happen. Instead, celebs will be competing with their families. 

Will the celebrity reboot take off? One can only hope — but fans on Twitter are excited. With Harvey's track record as the show's host (he's been largely credited with their recent success) and contestants coming up with ridiculous, gerbil-related answers, there will be plenty of reasons to tune in to new episodes and watch.