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Blac Chyna was filmed in Miami International Airport on Sunday evening blasting unsuspecting travelers about the COVID-19 vaccine, reportedly after a fan asked for a picture. 

As reported by TMZ, Chyna was evidently approached by an eager fan wanting a photo, to which Chyna said that she better be vaccinated.

“Go get checked out, it’s sad, and it really blows the fuck outta me,” Blac Chyna is seen saying in clips posted on social media. Elsewhere she insists, “Go get the shot! ... The same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids [in school]. … This is why people’s grandparents is dying and shit. My grandmama been dead.”

At one point she shouted at a passerby to “go get the fucking vaccine and stop being stupid hoe,” before going getting into her Washington, D.C. roots and a variety of other topics.