Crack open almost any issue on the shelves of your local comic book store and there's good chance you'll see a superhero pounding on some random villain to the applause of the masses. Spandex-wearing purveyors of social justice fill each comic with a sense of hope for a better tomorrow, and that pattern has been the backbone of the industry for decades. However, after years of the same old thing, those stories are starting to become about as exciting as watching Canadian Parliament.

Luckily for fans of quality reading, a new trend has been gaining momentum in the world of comics over the past few years. Writers and artists have made a concerted effort to put the spotlight on the supervillains for once, in place of their white bread hero counterparts. These characters may be ultra-violent and deeply disturbed, but they are also fascinating to observe.

Much like Silence Of The Lambs hooked audiences after exploring the sadistic mind of a serial killer, modern comics have gone in a similar direction by giving these villains a chance to shine, and have paved the way for some killer (no pun intended) movie personifications. In celebration of these evil-doers, we’re taking a look at the 10 Best Supervillain Comics Of All Time.

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