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For times when you don't watch to watch an acclaimed drama, a passionate romance movie, or gripping documentary on Netflix, there are B movies. These low budget, over-the-top movies, hidden in the deep recesses of Netflix, ready for you to stream when you need a good laugh, are often in the horror or science fiction film genre, but if done right (read: wrong) in the production value (or lack thereof) department, the best B movie can be considered a comedy, too, or at least a horror-comedy.

Unlike your big-budget, Oscar-winning feature films, B movies on Netflix use the word "entertainment" very loosely. They likely bombed at the box office (if they weren't straight-to-video), but rest assured, they're probably laughing at themselves, too. And their loss is our gain, as many of these B movies wind up streaming on Netflix for our enjoyment. If you're lucky, you might even catch a star before their big break (or maybe between acclaimed films). If you're looking for mediocre special effects, the absolute disgraces of Rotten Tomatoes, horror movies that are only scary because they're so bad, have at it: these are the best B movies on Netflix.