While the vast majority of filmmakers begin their storytelling process by coming up with the— well, story— there is a large quantity of minor studios like the SyFy Network or The Asylum, the group behind the “hit” Sharknado franchise, that make their films from the title up. Whether it’s Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, Jurassic School, or this year’s Lightning Superstorm, each of these films seem to have been born in a boardroom with a bunch of men in suits trying to come up with the stupidest movie ideas possible. In truth, this isn’t all that different from the low-budget B films of the twentieth century that have become classics thanks to shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 (also streamable on Netflix), save for the inclusion of more Z-list actors and the helpful (?) addition of CGI. Despite this mass proliferation of thoughtless entertainment, there is the occasional film that is able to escape the trappings of its title and become entertaining to watch (whether or not it requires alcohol to do so is up to you).

When Netflix made the transition from being focused on physical DVD rentals to becoming a streaming service, it transformed into something of a shining haven for these unseen, poorly produced schlockfests with splashy titles. It’s undeniable how impactful the service has been to the B movie industry, giving them a widespread outlet to market and distribute their films to a wider audience than just the late night Redbox crowd. If you’re spending the night in with friends and you’re looking for something to watch that’s mindless, tasteless, and stupidly hilarious, check out one of these offerings. Here are the 25 best B-movies streaming on Netflix right now.