It’s that time again: February. That dreaded month where everyone cozies up and gets all romantic to forget about the freezing temperatures outside. Well, thankfully, there’s plenty of romantic movies to enjoy on Netflix in the comfort of your warm home, whether or not you have a romantic partner to enjoy them with. What’s also great is the sheer variety of romantic films on Netflix: there’s everything from the cheesiest movies you can imagine to the movies that will make even the most cynical person feel a small twinge in their heart.

Want a classic romance? Netflix has got your Love Actually’s and your The Holiday’s on deck. Want literally anything else? Netflix has got you covered there too, with plenty of romance films about teens, non-white people, and queer people that show the full spectrum of what love can look like in this crazy world. So whether or not you’re a romantic at heart, there’s going to be something on our list that will be right up your alley. Here are the best romantic movies on Netflix.