There are a few posts on Hammer's Instagram that have raised some eyebrows since the allegations. The Social Network star has photos of huge chunks of raw meat, a pig’s head, and a huge knife that he captioned with a hashtag that read, “Give me something to carve.” In another post, he bragged about his love for red meat and disregarded the dangers that come with consuming it frequently. “So you're gonna sit here and try to tell me there's a disease you can get from eating too much red meat and I haven't gotten it yet....? Wtf. #recklesslydeterminedtogetGout,” he captioned the post. Sure, there are plenty of steak enthusiasts out there who would never dare turn down a meal at Keens, but the actor’s obsession runs so deep that he’s willing to get gout from it, and that is where the enthusiasm becomes a bit strange. Another video that his ex-wife posted to her Instagram Stories of Hammer with his son is also sort of strange. In the clip, the young kid can be seen putting his father’s toes in his mouth, while the actor just watches and laughs. Elizabeth seemed to make light of it, and captioned it: “#FootFetishonFleek.”