Being Black in America means that you’re always going to be questioned. Black culture is both misunderstood and mined for content on a regular basis, which is one of the more frustrating facets about being Black in this country. People will sing our songs, learn our dances, and memorize our quotes but won’t take the time to recognize the pain of our existence, the struggle in our journey, or the importance of our bars. Being able to escape into cinema that both understands and elevates our Black beauty is one of the joys of being a fan of cinema.

During Black History Month this year, Amazon Prime Video is putting Black film on display in a number of facets. This first week is dedicated to Black Joy, featuring tales that make us laugh, make us think, and ultimately make us proud to be Black. We could be glued to our couches all day if we wanted, taking in the many shades of Black cinema that are easily available on Prime Video, but we wanted to highlight 10 selections from their vast catalog of programming. Ten films that, in some way or another, put the idea of Black Joy on display. Be it a glimpse of Africa that we normally don’t get to see, stories of everyday triumph, or just flat-out insanity, these films highlight the stars, sights, and sounds of Black experience in their own unique ways. Bless these Black actors and Black filmmakers for their work. Here are 10 great examples of Black Joy you can find right now on Amazon Prime Video.