Blackness isn’t a monolith, and neither is Black love. Black people could be bonding over hip-hop lyrics, helping fugitives evade the law, breaking up engagements with a basketball game, or even fighting against the prison system, and all of that would be expressions of Black love. There is a multitude of cinematic representations of Black love that can be found on Amazon Prime, so Complex decided to round up 10 of the best examples. 

To be Black has historically meant to be suffering, and these films show how Black love can be a balm for that pain. A mother of six keeps hope alive that she’ll one day be reunited with the incarcerated father of her children because of Black love. A young Black boy grows into a man, even with an absentee parent, becuase of Black love. Two strangers become lovers while escaping the law because of Black love. So, take some time to immerse yourself in these 10 Black love films you can watch with Amazon Prime now.