Where Are The Kids From 'Kidulthood' Now, Ten Years Later?

Where are they now?

Image via Revolver

We're teaming with Everyman Cinemas for a special tenth anniversary screening of Kidulthood on May 18, with the cast in attendance - all the info is here.

Kidulthood is ten years old. Yes, you do feel really old right now. The 2006 movie kickstarted the whole concept of British hood films, and introduced us to a new generation of young actors. But what are those kids up to a decade later?


Aml Ameen — ‘Trife’

Adam Deacon — ‘Jay’

Noel Clarke — ‘Sam’

Red Madrell — ‘Alisa’

Jaime Winstone — ‘Becky’

Femi Oyeniran — ‘Moony’

Rafe Spall — 'Lenny'

Nicholas Hoult — ‘Blake’

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