'Finding Dory' Might Be Introducing Disney-Pixar's First Lesbian Couple

This follows the campaign to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

Image via Disney

The Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory finally drops next month, so Disney-Pixar are currently in the process of dropping about a billion trailers for it. But in one of the latest promos, eagle-eyed fans spotted something that could potentially make the film revolutionary.

Halfway through the trailer, while Dory and new character Tank the Octopus are hiding in a pram, the baby’s parents appear to be a lesbian couple. There’s no more evidence than the fact that they are both pushing the pram together, but they certainly look like same-sex parents. Fans have apparently noticed gay characters in both Frozen and Zootropolis, and Universal’s under-rated stop motion cartoon Paranorman also had a gay high-school kid in it. But this would be the first explicit lesbians in a Disney-Pixar film.

Even if it’s true, it does look like the couple will only be there for this quick throw-away joke (all the actual main characters are fish). Still, it’s a joke where the sexuality of the couple doesn’t matter, so why not have them be gay? There have been recent calls from fans to give both Elsa from Frozen a girlfriend and Captain America a boyfriend, so it would be nice to see Disney injecting a little diversity. 

It's not really a big deal tbh. 

[via Independent]

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