'The Room' Creator Tommy Wiseau Wants to Play the Joker

Tommy Wiseau wants in on the Joker origin film.

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So it turns out Tommy Wiseau really wants to play the Joker. 

Wiseau is famously known for writing the notably bad film, The Room, that's garnered a cult following since its 2003 premiere (though apparently, he didn't direct it). 

Wiseau is slated to release a new film, Best F(r)iends, with The Room co-star Greg Sestero in March, and he's already eyeing his next move. When the news dropped that studio executives are in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to play the famed Batman villain in an upcoming origin film, Wiseau had other plans. "DM me," he tweeted at the film's director Todd Phillips.

From that, many speculated that Wiseau is interested in getting involved with the film. They were right. In a tweet posted earlier today, Wiseau confirmed that he wants to be the Joker with a photo of him stylized in the famous green hair and purple suit.

Wiseau has been back in the public eye ever since James Franco won a Golden Globe for The Disaster Artist, a film based on the creation of The Room. Although details about the film are mum as far as casting information, if Wiseau gets cast, it would surely be an interesting pick. Don't believe us? Check out the fan-created trailer above.



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