The Grinch Hates Pharrell's "Happy" as Much as You Do in New Trailer

The Grinch tries to silence Pharrell's "Happy" in new trailer.

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The Grinch is back.

The Christmas-hating green beast is making his return in a CGI animated film. But it seems that they'll be taking some creative liberty from the original children's book by Dr. Seuss.

In the trailer, The Grinch, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, is seen waking up to Pharrell's "Happy" AKA the catchy song you love to hate and hate to love. Of course, as an anti-happy fellow, he immediately tries to shut his radio off but is hilariously unsuccessful. It's a bit ironic as well because The Grinch is a production between Illumination and Universal Pictures, the same two companies that collaborated on Despicable Me 2, the film the Pharrell track was made for.

After his snafu with the radio, the mean Grinch heads into town and goes out of his way to terrorize the citizens of Whoville as they do their grocery shopping. But karma comes back for him in a mean way, as one of the Christmas decorations, a large blow-up snowman, swings around and knocks him off of his feet. 

This will be the third time How The Grinch Stole Christmas gets adapted into a film after the classic 1996 animated version and the 2000 live-action comedy starring Jim Carrey. But even in this latest one, we're sure the narrator still would choose the seasick crocodile over the Grinch. That is, until his heart grows three sizes.

The Grinch is slated to hit theaters on Nov. 9. Watch the trailer above.

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