'The Bachelor' Supervising Producer Reportedly Gave $100 to Producers Who Caught Contestants Puking

There's a tell-all of 'The Bachelor' series and it doesn't look good for the series.

woman puking

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woman puking

If you thought The Bachelor is bad in front of the camera, it turns out it may be even worse behind-the-scenes of the reality show.

Based on Bachelor Nation, an exposé on the ABC series which usually follows one man as dozens of women vie for his attention, EW is reporting on some dark practices the show takes to bring the series together. One in particular claims from the book is supervising producer Scott Jeffress would award producers with $100 if they recorded the women in drama-filled moments.

"During the first season of The Bachelor, supervising producer Scott Jeffress would keep a stack of $100 bills in his pocket to incentivize producers. ''The first producer to get tears?'" wrote Bachelor Nation's author, Amy Kaufman "'A hundred bucks! You get [Alex] Michel to make out with the right girl? A hundred bucks! Catch a chick puking on-camera? A hundred bucks!'"

Kaufman reportedly interviewed several past contestants and employees, including Jeffress.

"When you’re producing a show, you think in acts," he told her. "After Act 1, you need something big to happen so you can cliffhang. I need to bring people back from commercial."

While this is an unauthorized book, it wouldn't be the first time that a book of this caliber caught the attention of readers. Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury became a viral sensation as he reportedly interviewed several people in The White House for his exposé on the Trump administration. It later went on to earn more money than Trump's The Art of the Deal and is slated to become a television series.

With how Kaufman's novel reads, it might make for some good TV as well.

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