Michael Shannon Was at a Bar While His 'Shape of Water’ Co-Stars Accepted an Oscar

'The Shape of Water''s co-star Michael Shannon watched the Oscars from a bar in Chicago.

michael shannon

Image via Getty/Noam Galai

michael shannon

While celebrities attended the Academy Awards in ball gowns and tuxedos, The Shape of Water co-star Michael Shannon was nowhere to be found. It turns out Shannon was watching the elite awards show from a Chicago bar, The Old Town Ale House.

With a half-filled beer glass (and much more comfortable clothes than a tuxedo), Shannon watched the film's director, Guillermo Del Toro, and several of his co-stars, win the award for Best Picture on a muted TV in the bar.

It wasn't a snub toward the Oscar's or the film's creators, though. Shannon wasn't able to attend the award ceremony because he's directing a production of Brett Neveu’s Traitor at A Red Orchid's Theatre in The Windy City. But that didn't stop him from supporting the team and watching the award show from afar.

The moment was expertly captured by The Old Town Ale House's owner, Bruce Elliott, who uploaded the moment to Twitter.

"Michael Shannon watching the film he starred in, Shape of Water, win best picture while sitting in the Old Town Ale House. No sound on the TV, just sub-titles. Of course the juke box was rocking, and the beer flowing. Where else would you want to spend Oscar night?" read the tweet accompanied by a photo of Shannon looking at the screen.

Along with nabbing the Best Picture award, The Shape of Water also won for Best Director, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design.

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