Michael Jai White Drops Another Teaser for Possible 'Black Dynamite' Sequel

Michael Jai White is back with another teaser.

Michael Jai White delivered another teaser to his fans that may-or-may-not be a Black Dynamite sequel.

Yesterday, White told his Twitter followers that if they used the hashtag #ThisIsJaigantic, he might hit them with another teaser of the mysterious project that he's yet to officially announce. Well, his fans came through, and White dropped the teaser earlier today. "Uh-oh, here we go again!" read the tweets caption with the video.

In the latest clip, fans hear some badass bass-heavy music as a countdown appears. When it finishes, White is seen in a black cowboy hat with the brim covering his eyes. As he starts to move his head up, the clip cuts off. "Join us in 2018," reads the next shot.

This is the second clip that White dropped from the upcoming project this week. A few days ago, White posted a short video that showed him lighting a stick of dynamite with his cigar.

As we mentioned before, White spoke about making a Western centered around the famed character, Black Dynamite. With these latest clips, it seems that may be what the mysterious project will be.

"It’s something I’ve mentioned before where it’s something like Black Dynamite in the West," White told The Action Elite. "It’s kind of going to feel like Monty Python and is our next foray into that world."

Either way, we're excited about whatever White is brewing up.

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