Michael Jai White Might Be Bringing 'Black Dynamite' Back

"Black is back."

Michael Jai White at the premiere of 'The Perfect Guy'

Image via Earl Gibson III/WireImage

Michael Jai White at the premiere of 'The Perfect Guy'

The nunchuck slinging and gun-toting vigilante known as Black Dynamite may be making a comeback.

Michael Jai White, who co-wrote and starred in the 2009 film, shared a cryptic message on Twitter: "Black is back." The tweet was accompanied by a video of White coolly lighting up a set of dynamite with the fire from his cigar. And it seems like it won't be that long before fans find out what White is cooking up; the teaser closes with the caption, "Join us in 2018."

This isn't the first time White has talked about bringing the blaxploitation parody back.

"Regarding Black Dynamite, there is something in the world of Black Dynamite which is a definite and will be announced at the beginning of 2018," White told The Action Elite. "It’s something I’ve mentioned before where it’s something like Black Dynamite in the West. It’s kind of going to feel like Monty Python and is our next foray into that world."

White also voiced Black Dynamite in the animated series that was canceled in 2015.

Although it's unclear whether or not it will be a sequel or something else, White's message is at least seemingly easier to decipher than when the crew discovered what Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you. Watch that scene from one of the funniest movies of all time below.

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