College Student Searches for Man Who Defended Her Against Disgusting Groper on London Bus

"Thank you for saying something when that man grabbed me," reads the Facebook post. "Thank you for insisting that it was not acceptable."

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King's College London student Kaitlyn Regehr is currently using social media to track down an unidentified man who reportedly defended her against another man who groped her during a London bus trip. Regehr took to Facebook shortly after the incident to offer a heartfelt message of appreciation for the unidentified Good Samaritan, who she says bravely "humanized" the act of assault and made her feel safe:

"It was 10:30 at night, it wasn’t particularly late," Regehr told BuzzFeed on Thursday. "I was on the 207 [bus] going through Shepherds Bush, when a guy copped my bum. I didn’t say anything, I just felt uncomfortable and moved out [of] the way. I know that sounds ridiculous, [but] I did what most women would do, just move away and hope that he doesn't get off the bus and follow you."

Regehr, whose complaint is currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police, is also a documentarian and writer. Though this mystery gentlemen hasn't been located, the sheer volume of shares her Facebook and related posts are getting is surely a sign that something good will indeed come of this:

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