Will Forte Shares Heartwarming Story About Using the Same Urinal as Bill Clinton

"I promised myself I wouldn't get political tonight," Forte admitted. "I'm sorry."

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Will Forte decided to give America's heated political discourse a nice shot in the arm on Tuesday, revealing his emotional story of a chance Bill Clinton encounter with Jimmy Kimmel. Forte, who has now fully recovered from his months spent as a half-shaven work of art, opened up to Kimmel about the time Bono and the rest of the U2 musical warriors inadvertently inspired one of the most magical moments of his life.

"I went to a U2 concert a long time ago with Jason Sudeikis," Forte recalls, presumably choking back tears. As fate would have it, a mutual friend knew Bill Clinton and offered to introduce them. "So Jason and I went up there," Forte says. "We met him very briefly." However, though their initial encounter was brief, Forte and Sudeikis clearly left quite an impression, as the former president then invited them to the after-party.

"When we get to the actual place, I had to pee," Forte says, again choking back those same presumed tears. The "small dinner party" was well-attended, with Forte taking note of Sean Penn and various U2 members. "I should not have been there." After making his way to the facility's restroom, Forte was shocked to find that Bill Clinton was directly in front of him in line.

"So President Clinton is finishing up peeing and, like, there is this moment where me and this other guy look at each other like 'Who gets the honor?'" Forte remembers fondly, delivering one of the more patriotic stories of our (or any other) time. "He just nodded at me like 'Go for it.' I got to pee after the president!"

Top that, Sean Penn.

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