Some Hero Brilliantly Recreated the 'True Detective' Intro Using 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Perhaps the third season of 'True Detective' should just be a video game.

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In case you ever doubted the potential for artistic triumph present in the Rockstar Editor, look no further than this heroic recreation of True Detective's delightfully mood-driven opening sequence built within the overwhelmingly expansive universe of Grand Theft Auto V. According to the uploader, everything you see was captured in-game except for the obvious After Effects compositing. For the thrilling hell of it, let's compare this GTA triumph with the original True Detective intro:

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Though not quite as mindblowingly perfect as that brilliant recreation of N.W.A.'s iconic "Straight Outta Compton" video, this True Detective vs. Grand Theft Auto mashup (True Theft Auto? Grand Detective?) does present a compelling narrative option for the soon-to-be-burned-in-a-speculation-fire #TrueDetectiveSeason3: video games.

Of course, the only logical casting choices for this proposed trapped-in-a-viral-video-game-recreation thriller are Shia LaBeouf and Kid Cudi. Sadly, the fate of True Detective's third season is still relatively unclear

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