Magnum Opus Games: The FIFA Story

This is the story of how the 'FIFA' series, the wildly successful and critically praised soccer simulation video game franchise, has stayed on top.

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"Where do we go next?" is likely the question foremost on both game developers and dedicated players' minds alike after spending a couple weeks with the recently released FIFA 16. As expected, the latest entry in what is often regarded as the most successful sports franchise in history more than delivers on its unique penchant for continually reinventing the art of breathtaking simulation.

For the new Complex original Magnum Opus Games, viewers take a 20-minute jaunt through the history and still-growing legacy of the FIFA franchise by way of a collection of interviews with the undeniable classic's creators detailing the journey toward greatness. Though a lot of emphasis on FIFA 16's looming presence in today's video game market is placed by the EA Sports team on soccer (football)'s burgeoning popularity here in the States, additional due is rightfully given to the franchise's constant dedication to the practice of outdoing themselves.

As previously reported, FIFA 16 made a very different kind of history by standing as the first entry in the game's history to feature female soccer players. With the complementary worlds of virtual reality and wearable tech moving swiftly forward, wherever FIFA goes next is sure to be legendary.

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