Donald Trump's Bodyguard Clocks a Protester in the Face After Stealing His Satirical "Make America Racist Again" Banner

The guard reportedly snatched the protester's "Trump: Make America Racist Again" banner before eventually hitting him in the face.

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Like so many others in this country who are afflicted with the political handicap of intelligence, protester Efrain Galicia simply couldn't stand to see Donald Trump's oft-repeated slogan "Make America Great Again" again without making one small edit. Joining fellow protesters in New York near Trump Tower earlier this week, Galicia debuted his slogan remix via a handmade blue sign reading "Trump: Make America Racist Again."

However, Trump's bodyguards didn't share the same enthusiasm for Galicia's slogan suggestion. Keith Schiller, Trump's longtime bodyguard and security director, reportedly snatched Galicia's banner in disgust before being chased down by Galicia. While attempting to retrieve the banner, Galicia is violently hit in the face by Schiller before another guard joins the scuffle and reportedly places Galicia in a brief stranglehold.

"This man thinks he can do whatever he wants in this country," Galicia told the Daily Caller and other reporters after the incident. "We're going to stop him." Trump recently signed a Republican loyalty pledge, which sounds like something that wouldn't actually exist but definitely tragically does. His current list of possible running mates includes Charlie Sheen, Hulk Hogan, and that Wrangler-wearing racist guy who's always bringing up Glenn Beck outside your local Chick-fil-a.


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