Vin Diesel Announces Release Dates for Final 'Fast and Furious' Trilogy

We're all set with 'Furious' movies until at least 2021.

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Remember when Vin Diesel told everyone that the Fast and Furious franchise would wrap things up after a quick little goodbye trilogy? Dude was definitely not kidding, as he took to Instagram early Wednesday to unveil the release dates for all three goodbyes using a very franchise-friendly font choice:

Though the comments on Diesel's 'gram were varied, ranging all the way from "Do u have snapchat???" to "I can't even," the industry is very (very) ready for more Furious. "We’ve written out story lines for various characters," Diesel told Variety in 2015. "We’ve been playing with it for a long time. It’s a very rich property and we’re committed to treating it with a lot of class."

Thankfully, Diesel's "treating it with a lot of class" approach ultimately landed the forthcoming Furious 8 one of the hottest directors in the game right now: F. Gary Gray. The Straight Outta Compton director officially joined the project in October, telling Collider that he and Diesel were both "really excited" about the future of the franchise. According to Gray, J.J. Abrams' approach to revitalizing the Star Wars franchise will serve as a crucial source of inspiration for the team moving forward.

While Diesel's 'gram again drives home the point that these three entires will very much serve as a "goodbye trilogy," recent remarks from Universal hint that the Fast and Furious cinematic universe may very well expand to include a batch of spin-offs and even more sequels.

At any rate, here's Vin Diesel talking about toy sharks:

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