Tom Cruise Already Made James Corden Follow Up on That Skydiving Promise

Earlier this week, James Corden accepted Tom Cruise's invitation to go on a very Tom Cruisian skydiving mission. Now, we have footage of the results, conveniently released the same day 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' hits theaters.

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Tom Cruise's new romantic comedy Mission: Impossible – Fallout is out today, so it's only right that he and James Corden have conveniently decided now is the time to make good on their skydiving promise.

"Between you and me, I was half expecting him to text me and tell me he was canceling," Cruise, who was just shouted out in Juice WRLD's latest freestyle, tells the camera. Following Cruise's challenge to Corden earlier this week about getting a taste of the Impossible life, Corden joined him in Perris Valley, California for a 15,000-foot jump in 110-degree weather.

Catch the results up top. You'll also get the chance to see this happen:

On Tuesday's Late Late Show, Cruise discussed his now-infamous HALO jump. "I wanna entertain an audience and we come up with great stories and different things that we can do and [are able] to put a camera in places that you normally can't," he said. "It's not just stunts, it's storytelling and character."

Corden's lighthearted mockery of this, of course, is what inspired today's skydiving footage.

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Fallout reunites Cruise with Rogue Nation director/co-writer Christopher McQuarrie, who's also previously worked with Cruise on Valkyrie, Jack Reacher, and Edge of Tomorrow. The reviews, as with most entries in the Impossible franchise, are quite good. Next up for Cruise is the long-delayed Top Gun sequel, apparently titled Maverick

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