James Corden has agreed to join noted impossible missions accepter Tom Cruise on a future skydiving expedition.

On Tuesday's Late Late Show, Cruise—joined on the CBS-purchased couch by Mission: Impossible – Fallout co-star Angela Bassett—spoke on Ethan Hunt's penchant for leaping from planes. The so-called "HALO jump," Cruise explained, sees him jump from "a very high altitude and then we open low, about 25,000 feet . . . very low, close to the building." When Corden asked Cruise to elaborate, he did exactly that.

"I wanna entertain an audience and we come up with great stories and different things that we can do and [are able] to put a camera in places that you normally can't," he said of the franchise's seemingly limitless supply of preposterous action sequences. "It's not just stunts, it's storytelling and character. I used to do crazy stuff, since I was four years old I was jumping off roofs as a little kid and doing all kinds of wild stuff and I've just, over the past four decades, I can't help it. I'm 100 percent when I do something and I just wanna give the audience the very best, and that's what I do."

When Corden joked that skydiving is really just glorified falling, Cruise hit him with a challenge. "You know, it took 106 jumps to get [the shot], but if you're interested I'm happy to take you if you wanna try it," he said to immediate applause. "I mean, if you wanna try it, if it's so easy, you can come with me."

Given that the two shook on this deal on television, we can probably expect a clip of Corden and Cruise soaring through the sky any day now.

Fallout, which does not feature Limp Bizkit among its soundtrack contributors, hits theaters Friday.