Cops Respond to Report of Gunshots to Find Family Watching 'The Walking Dead' With the Volume Cranked

AMC should probably thank them for the free promo.

Image via AMC

The Walking Dead made its death-packed return to television on Sunday, armed with just enough sequences of sudden demise to keep people talking until the next round of post-apocalyptic trauma. We won't bother you with spoilers here, except to say that the episode was so painstakingly realistic that neighbors and cops alike were mistaking the well-orchestrated faux violence for actual violence over in Big Sky Country, a.k.a. Montana.

After receiving reports of gunshots and other "loud noises" from a concerned neighbor, officers from the Great Falls Police Department responded to a residence to find something truly troubling indeed: an entertained family. According to KRTV, cops first surrounded the home with weapons drawn before realizing a fam simply had the volume cranked on The Walking Dead's ultraviolent midseason premiere with the windows open.

Thankfully, cops quickly realized the neighbor's mistake and promptly vacated the area. As previously reported, fear-prone neighbors have certainly called the authorities to report things far stranger than a loud episode of the most popular show on television.

Just ask these particularly boisterous love-makers.

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