'Walking Dead' Star Steven Yeun Joins Action Thriller 'Mayhem,' Reigniting Glenn Death Theories

Initiate fresh Glenn theories now. We know you have them.

Image via AMC

Steven Yeun, most known for narrowly escaping death as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead, is trading in the usual army of walkers for bad guys that are actually alive in the indie action thriller Mayhem. Yeun joins The Babysitter star Samara Weaving under the direction of Joe Lynch, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Though literal zombies are not expected to make an appearance in the script from Matias Caruso, something vaguely familiar to theory-prone Dead fans will: an entertainingly preposterous virus.

"It’s not every day you get to throw action, sci-fi, horror, drama and even satire in the genre blender and hit puree," Lynch tells THR, praising Matias' script for bringing together "a gung-ho cast and crew." According to Lynch, general movie fans should expect some sort of an "exciting cinematic smoothie" starring Yeun as a lawyer named Derek Saunders. Principal photography is set to get moving later this month in Serbia.

Yeun's character, shortly after being framed and promptly fired, gets trapped inside a quarantined building and must figure out a very action movie way to escape without dying or dwelling too hard on his sudden unemployed status. As for the virus itself, the sickness reportedly causes the infected to "act out their wildest impulses," which can presumably result in either the best thing ever or the worst thing. Probably depends on the person.

Though he's still very much a part of the Dead action on AMC, the forthcoming arrival of a not-very-nice guy with a penchant for profanity has Glenn Rhee death theorists working overtime. Discussing Negan's debut in the upcoming season finale, Yeun told Entertainment Weeklyearlier this week that he considers it "awesome." As accurate a description of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as "awesome" certainly is, Negan's arrival—at least according to the series' source material—could bring very bad and decidedly non-awesome things for Glenn.

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