Instead of making pointless Valentine's Day plans, you should probably be hard at work dissecting the latest batch of theories surrounding the return of The Walking Dead. The heart-torturing series, fittingly set to unveil its midseason premiere on Feb. 14, will apparently spend a fair chunk of 2016 building up to the (SPOILER ALERT FOR ALL THE LAMES) arrival of Negan and his surely bedazzled baseball bat. This, of course, once again brings the fate of former pizza delivery boy Glenn Rhee into question. Also, what's the deal with the presumably dead Alexandria boss popping up in a recent promo?

"[Negan's] name has been invoked and his group is certainly of growing importance," showrunner Scott Gimple tells TV Insider of TWD's plans to frustrate everyone with some severely delayed gratification, "but it’s not like we are going to see him starring in an episode right off the bat." Negan, as previously reported, will be ingeniously embodied by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. According to the TV Insider profile, Negan won't be stopping by until April for the final episode of the season.

For those with a well-rounded education in comic book adaptations, the arrival of Negan spells potential doom for recent death faker Glenn Rhee. If the source material is any indication, Glenn may suffer a brief but detrimental encounter with Negan's aforementioned bedazzled baseball bat, most likely named Lucille.

As for that post-death promo appearance by a recently bitten character, the image below offers some Uproxx-cosigned clues as to how exactly Deanna Monroe may exit TWD:

As touched on in last year's midseason finale, a bitten Deanna decided to stay behind while the rest of Alexandria planned a way out. Armed with a gun, it would appear that Deanna fights off the zombies long enough to become fully zombied out herself. Given Gimple and company's penchant for absolutely wrecking the emotional states of viewers, Deanna being taken out of her zombied-out misery by a close member of her own fam seems like a fair and reasonable assumption.

The Walking Dead comes back for more love on Feb. 14. Maybe cancel those dinner reservations?