Yesterday the Collider team sat down to parse the latest The Walking Dead episode "Now," and they've got some interesting theories about the show's story arc.

The fifth episode in, and we're left with just as many questions as were answered (though regular viewers will know that the show's narrative splintering is often what keeps us returning). Should Maggie move on? (For that matter should we?) Rick, Deanna, Denise all get their fair share of airplay as well.

Meanwhile viewers are still wrestling with various fan theories about Glenn, who's presumably dead but also maybe not. As we reported over the weekend, executive producer Greg Nicotero informed viewers that their theories about the lead character's demise are incorrect. "It's probably not the last time we'll visit that dumpster scene," he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Just like any show—you watch Game of Thrones and the audience sees a character die and they go through all these different emotions and feelings and how they process and accept it. Our show is no different. That story is definitely not over."

As always we're left wondering what the writers are going to throw our way next. Check out the video above to hear what Collider has to say.