Steve Harvey Absolutely Destroyed on Social Media After Meeting With Trump

Steve Harvey, a rich guy, met with Trump Friday and the internet swiftly pounced on the preposterousness.

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Steve Harvey, a rich guy, is the latest victim of a Trump Tower meeting. Harvey met with Trump Friday afternoon to reportedly discuss "inner city issues" and was put in contact with Ben "No Government Experience" Carson, the New York Daily Newsreported. Trump and Harvey greeted reporters after the meeting, resulting in images such as this:

Harvey echoed his previous comments to reporters in a tweeted statement shortly after, claiming the former Apprentice host was "congenial and sincere" during the meeting:

There's a lot of WTF to unpack here, but let's focus on Harvey's previous comments to the Daily Beast's Jen Yamato last February. "If Donald Trump becomes president, then I'm running," Harvey, noted host of the formerly Trump-helmed Miss Universe pageant, said at the time. "Because then obviously background checks have gone out the window. How do you let a dude who was on the cover of Playboy magazine and has been married 18 times be your president? Now come on. Hell, then I qualify. Donald Trump gets in, I'm next."

And now for the main attraction: people absolutely shitting on Harvey across social media. The reaction, thus far, has ranged from apolitical jokery to the expression of genuine concern for the state of the nation:

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Also worth noting here? Just days ago, as reported by Vulture, Harvey came under fire for mocking Asian men on the Steve Harvey Show:


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