Stacey Dash Makes an Awkward as Hell Appearance on 'The Eric André Show'

Stacey Dash stopped by 'The Eric André Show' and, well, that went exactly as awkward as would expect.

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Eric André, the undisputed master of the uncomfortably inane (and hilarious!) interview, kicked off the fourth season of The Eric André Show on Adult Swim last week with a delightfully awkward discussion with T.I. That particular slice of prank-chat action ended with T.I. straight up walking off the set, meaning the hype is very real surrounding this week's presumably hysterical appearance by Stacey Dash.

An early clip of Dash's appearance, set to air midnight Friday on Adult Swim, kicks off with André holding up a fake lewd-esque photo of Obama while complaining about tax dollars as if to simulate the Fox News experience. Hannibal Buress then bursts into a brief Drake impression, followed quickly by André wondering aloud who will be "the next racist" Bradley Cooper will play in a movie after American Sniper.

Speaking with Complex's own Justin Monroe last week, André opened up about this season's best celebrity reactions. "We've had more people than ever ask, 'Can I leave now? Can I get out of here?'" André said. "When I sweat, I get really smelly. And we're releasing cockroaches and rats and all this vermin under the desk, under the chair." That last part, the part about all the vermin and what not, is briefly teased in the Stacey Dash clip above and gets exactly the reaction one might expect.

This season of The Eric André Show also boasts equally uncomfortable appearances from Flying Lotus, Danny Brown, OG Maco, Jack Black, Ariel Pink, Dennis Rodman, and many more. To hold you over until Friday, you should probably just rewatch André's recent appearance on "Hot Ones" below. You're welcome:

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