The unofficially dubbed Cradley Booper, the guy who made waves at Sundance simply by looking vaguely similar to Bradley Cooper, is finally speaking out about the difficulties of resemblance. "It started when I was a teenager," Matt Katzenbach tells Page Six. "Every day [we are recognized] at least two to five times." However, according to Katzenbach, that's not exactly the greatest thing ever.

"It’s actually enlightening because it’s not a great life to be under the spotlight and to go to these events or parties or bars or whatever," Katzenbach reveals to Page Six. "Everyone is asking for pictures or autographs to boost their status. It comes at the expense of privacy — of their being able to be and act like a normal human." Katzenbach, who actually has a twin brother who also shares a vague resemblance to the Joy star, adds that he often "feels sorry" for people who spend their lives in the public eye.

Katzenbach maintains that, throughout his Cradley Booper endeavors (including the Sundance experiment above), he never once stated that he was in fact Bradley Cooper. According to Katzenbach, people just looked at him and said "Come right in." Sadly, the ability to dabble in the high life has reportedly not been extended to Leonardo DiCaprio's own Russian doppelgänger, a guy that no one is currently referring to as Deonardo LiCaprio.