'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Gets a Beastie Boys Makeover

If you sprinkle some classic Beastie on a trailer, legend has it your film will receive exactly zero bad reviews.

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If you don't fuck with the Beastie Boys, then you probably don't deserve to enjoy anything ever for the rest of your life.

As a general rule, the use of the ubiquitous 1994 Beastie single "Sabotage" in a motion picture generally results in worldwide joy. Star Trekknows this perhaps more than anyone. And now, it is with great pride we can announce that someone has recut the recently unveiled Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer to the sounds of that classic Ill Communication track. Even better, they didn't use the goddamn clean version.

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The Beastied iteration of the Solo trailer was put together by Chris Galegar because "the first trailer felt an awful lot like Solo: A James Tiberius Kirk Story." Fair enough. Thus far, the recut trailer has bagged hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and some fittingly positive responses on social media.


The original version of the Solo clip arrived earlier this month amid concerns from fans who were wondering where the hell it was, especially considering the fact that the movie is set for release May 25.

As is pop culture canon by now, the latest standalone Star Wars entry has endured a fairly rocky path to existence. Ron Howard ultimately stepped into the director's chair mid-production following the exit of Lego Movie masterminds Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. According to star Donald Glover, the transition was fairly seamless. Howard, Glover said in January, "did a good job of coming in and didn't want us to change what we were doing at all."

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