Shia LaBeouf Tells Jimmy Kimmel His New Movie 'Man Down' Is a 'Mindf*ck'

Shia LaBeouf stops by 'Kimmel' to talk 'Man Down,' creativity, and more.

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If you missed Shia LaBeouf inAmerican Honey earlier this year, you fucked up. Andrea Arnold's road epic is easily one of the best movies of the year. But LaBeouf hasn't wrapped up his 2016 acting commitments just yet, joining Jimmy Kimmel on Monday to talk about his role in Dito Montiel and Adam G. Simon's Man Down.

"It's about a solider returning who's returning to, you know, his job really affected him," LaBeouf said of the film, which exclusively premiered its new trailer with Complex last month. "He's coming home and he's trying to make sense of what he's arrived in."

Though it's easy for those who haven't seen the film to assume it's a traditional war story, LaBeouf said that's not a fair assessment. "Calling it a war film feels like the wrong thing, too," LaBeouf explained. "It's a people film. It's a bit like Memento and Coming Home and it's kind of a mindfuck."

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Kimmel also chopped it up with LaBeouf about his collaborative experiences with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, with whom he appears to be teasing a new project. "It starts as, like, an ironic, silly thing, like most of the things I do, then it wound up in a really cool, sincere place," LaBeouf said of the trio's #ALLMYMOVIES experience. For LaBeouf and his collaborators, the creative process is cathartic. "I find a lot of joy in it," he explained.

As this marked LaBeouf's 10th appearance on Kimmel's show, the generous host even presented dude with a hot gift: a collection of commemorative plates.

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Man Down opens Dec. 2.

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