Gonna have to kick this one off with a "HOLY FUCK!" in unison. Shia LaBeouf, our generation's leading multi-hyphenate, stopped by Sway in the Morning this week to absolutely murder the 5 Fingers of Death challenge with some pretty impressive bars before passing the mic to Oswin Benjamin.

After Sway hit LaBeouf with some inquiries about his 2Pac and Missy Elliott tattoos, LaBeouf was given full reign over some classic beats. "Get ready, get set, this a meme," LaBeouf began. "This is wild, this is a childhood dream." LaBeouf then snuck in a sly 1Oak diss before referencing his 2013 Daniel Clowes mini-controversy with this: "Plagiarist, stay making shit. Greatest gifts come from painful shit."

Shortly after the full LaBeouf clip of obvious bars went live Friday morning, the planet responded with their assessment: 🔥

LaBeouf also sat down with Sway to talk marriage, his career, and his relationship with Jon Voight:

LaBeouf can currently be seen spitting cinematic bars in Andrea Arnold's superb road epic American Honey, a film which quickly garnered the actor arguably the strongest reviews of his career. But joining the Oscars club isn't on LaBeouf's mind. "Nah, dude, not me," LaBeouf told Variety in September. "The Oscars are about politics. I gotta earn my way back. It's not about who is the best. I'm not that guy for a long time—for a long, long time. I'm good with that, though. Sometimes that shit is a curse."