Jimmy Kimmel is not above frequently wading into decidedly lame territory, much like his evening rivals Jimmy Fallon and James Corden. But Kimmel has one recurring segment that's just ruthless enough to conjure a giggle out of even the most cynical of viewers: his annual YouTube challenge, aptly dubbed "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy."

For anyone not up on the circumstances surrounding Kimmel's annual Halloween candy prank, the setup is simple. Kimmel gets ruthless AF parents to lie to their own children by telling them they selfishly devoured all their hard-earned candy items. As with previous entires in the Kimmel Halloween canon, these kids clearly aren't down with this prank bullshit. "I hate you!" one particularly offended kid tells the camera. "You took all of our candy that we've been working so hard to get! We've been working for hours!"

Kimmel even pulled this shit on his own daughter this year. "I know what you really came for, taking Halloween candy away from children," Kimmel joked. "But this is our sixth year of doing this and for the first time in those six years, I have a trick-or-treater living in my house. My daughter turned two in July." Noting that his daughter woke up that morning in a "snippy" mood, Kimmel then shared a clip of him attempting to make that mood even worse:

Lying to children is, like, so funny. Keep it up, parents!