Shia LaBeouf Sustains Head Injury on 'American Honey' Set

While filming 'American Honey,' LaBeouf reportedly suffered a head laceration and hand injuries.

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The past few years have proven consistently eventful for Shia LaBeouf — part-time performance artist, full-time method actor. Most recently, LaBeouf willingly submitted himself to instantaneous meme-ification via a collaboration with Central Saint Martins in London. If you're somehow unfamiliar with that latest entry in LaBeouf's post-scandal series of loosely related performance art pieces, the LaBeoufian Star Wars and the LaBeoufian TED Talk both come highly recommended.

As for acting, LaBeouf is currently filming American Honey — a film from director Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank) which very likely has a lot to do with LaBeouf's brilliant rattail. However, Shia's workday was cut short on Wednesday following on-set injuries. According toEW, LaBeouf sought medical attention and is expected to return to set sometime Thursday. "As protocol, [the American Honey production team] sought out medical attention," LaBeouf's representatives told EW. "Shia received stitches on his hand and for a laceration on his head."

The APreports that the injuries were sustained while filming a scene wherein LaBeouf is meant to "put his head through a glass window," though it sounds like that didn't happen exactly as planned. Here's to a speedy recovery, Shia. The world needs your meta — and that rattail.


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