There's Now a George Costanza Themed Bar in Melbourne, Meaning Everyone Should Move to Australia

Serenity now.

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Clearly exhausted from imagining what Seinfeld would be like if it were still on TV today, the good people of Melbourne have now dedicated an entire drinking establishment to the essence of George Costanza. The bar has been officially dubbed George's Bar and served its first round of drinks on New Year's Eve, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"We came up with the name George's and worked backwards," co-owner and operator Dave Barrett tells Fairfax Media. "George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humour around George works." The bar currently has a "toasties menu" including obviously great items like the Mom and Pop, the Constanza, and (of course) the Art Vandelay. The entrance is even adorned with what is widely regarded as George's greatest philosophical contribution: "It's not a lie if you believe it."

The most exciting news, however, rests on the bar's official Facebook page:

BRB. Moving to Australia.

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