Sega Genesis Officially Back in Production to Take All Your Nostalgia Dollars

The Sega Genesis is back in production because of course it f*cking is.

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Sorry to bust up the fun, but noted home invader and Tim Allen alter ego Santa Claus is probably not a real dude. For the sake of this Sega news, however, let us pretend he definitely exists and loves reading Complex so we can all get a new Sega Genesis console under that decaying tree in the living room soon.

The 16-bit classic is officially back in production, Geekreported with cautious optimism Monday. The Genesis (a.k.a. the Mega Drive) still stands as one of the most popular consoles in Brazil, which is why Tectoy's decision to cop the coveted "officially licensed" brag from Sega is actually not a huge surprise. Much like the original Genesis, which first descended upon American living rooms back in 1989, this reissue boasts a three-button controller and a dedication to AV cables. After all, HDMI snobbery wasn't exactly on anyone's mind back in the '80s and '90s.

Tectoy has launched preorders for the new-old Genesis, which will come preloaded (thanks to SD card capabilities) with 22 games upon its 2017 release. Alex Kidd, Bonanza Brothers, E-Swat, Golden Axe 3, Kid Chameleon, Sega Soccer, Sonic 3, and Turbo Outrun are among the included titles. The nostalgia bait is currently priced at roughly $138, which doesn't exactly qualify as cheap but also doesn't completely shatter one's wallet either.

Nintendo made a similar move earlier this year with the announcement of the NES Classic Edition. The miniature replica of the classic OG gaming system took a slightly different strategy, embracing the HDMI snobbery so that depressed adults could quell the pain of reality just by plugging the new console directly into their modern television sets.

Either one of these consoles will do, Mr. Claus.

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