Sarah Paulson Performs Leaked Clinton Emails as One-Woman Show on 'Full Frontal'

Sarah Paulson performed leaked Hillary Clinton emails on Monday's 'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.'

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One of the most frustrating aspects of this election season has been a certain party's obsession with the content of Hillary Clinton's emails. Despite a swath of scandals for the email-obsessed among us, headlines devoted to Clinton's emails were once again revived when FBI director James Comey sent out a perplexing letter about Anthony Weiner only to then clear Clinton of any wrongdoing again. Samantha Bee spent a nice chunk of her final pre-election Full Frontal diving into this bizarre email obsession, enlisting the one and only Sarah Paulson to really dive into the nonsense.

"Damn, Donald missed the mark so badly on Clinton's emails, they could have been one of his casinos," Bee said on Monday's show. "You want to talk about emails instead of policy? Fine. Let's do it! Thanks to a heroic transparency fetishist who refuses to tell Swedish authorities if he raped someone, we already know what Hillary's staff used emails for, things like receiving pointless tip-offs from Donna Brazile. Oh, really Donna? Someone from the Flint town hall is going to ask about Flint? Great use of a leak, Dumbthroat!"

The bombshells uncovered in the leaked emails, Bee noted, actually just showed Clinton to be a "somewhat tech-averse workaholic who wants people to have medicine." To show just how uneventful these emails were, Full Frontal's "best new intern" Sarah Paulson has flipped them into a one-woman show dubbed Hillary's Emails: Yes, I Am Up.

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