Sarah Palin Somehow Inks Deal for 'Judge Judy'-Style TV Series

As the world absorbed this news, it united behind one universal inquiry: Why tho?

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Sarah Palin, an actual person perhaps most known for inventing a new language called "American," has inked a deal to lead a Judge Judy-style courtroom reality series. In a statement to ABC News on Tuesday afternoon, Warm Springs Productions spokesperson Howard Bragman confirmed that the former Alaskan governor had signed on to make a pilot. Bragman says he was inspired to get Palin for the untitled series because she's "telegenic," despite possessing absolutely no legal training whatsoever.

The daytime reality series will also boast an executive producer credit from Larry Lyttle, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Lyttle, of course, is known for his Palin-free work on Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. However, as previously stated and as should be stated as many more times as it takes, Palin does not share one distinct trait with Judy and Joe: an actual law degree.

Warm Springs, which apparently deals mostly with outdoors-related programming for the (definitely could have guessed this) National Rifle Association, is billing Palin's untitled docuseries as their first-ever attempt at a courtroom blockbuster. However, as surely someone can attest, this doesn't mark Palin's first foray into television.

Palin, a former Fox News contributor, hit TLC with the Palin realness back in 2010 with the aptly titled Sarah Palin's Alaska. Though the title is pretty self-explanatory, the summary for that series is as follows: Palins. Alaska. Cameras. That's about it.

So which lucky contestants will get the chance to be publicly embarrassed for their legal woes by someone who has no experience in the field? Stay tuned. Or don't. Either way.

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