Bearded Man in a Red Shirt Just Rolls With It When a Kid Thinks He's Some Guy Named Santa Claus

White beard. Red shirt. Interesting.

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At the time of publication, the leading theory on a possibly immortal man named Santa Claus is that he does in fact not exist. If that statement needed a spoiler alert in all caps preceding it, then peep this: Easter Bunny's fate is pretty similar. So what are we, as enforcers of truth in a society of nonsense, supposed to do when we see some dude Clausing it up in public like some kind of impostor?

The particular young detective in the clip above, presumably approaching the unidentified individual to call him out for blatant identity theft, is promptly rewarded for her intellectual curiosity with a convincing performance from this faker, as if he were somehow Claus in the flesh. Well played, "Santa."

But what do you have to say about this guy?

If anyone is immortal and somehow capable of traveling all around the world in a remarkably brief amount of time, it's Tim Allen.

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