Ryan Seacrest Is Making a Sitcom Called 'Squad Goals' So R.I.P. Squad Goals

Thanks, Ryan.

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Sick of hearing people say #squadgoals? Good, because it just died a sudden and brutal death thanks to one Ryan Seacrest. The most American of all our idols just landed a development deal for a multi-camera sitcom actually called Squad Goals with CBS, marking the swift demise of the once great phrase.

The potential series is being described as an ensemble comedy centered on "a group of late 20-something friends who met in college and realize it’s time to finally grow up," which is most definitely not squad goals. In the same report, Variety also defines "squad goals" as "an inspirational term made famous by Taylor Swift, defining the ultimate group of friends," so I'm not entirely sure what any of this means.

Thanks for this one, Taylor and/or Ryan. Thanks a lot.



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